Disposable Medical Face Mask

Medical Mask, Disposable

A Disposable Medical Face Mask thats perfect for everybody.

MOQ 200 Units

We have a MOQ of 200 units.

Non sterile, Ear loop

Fits perfectly over the ear.

With our low cost Disposable Masks mass numbers can be catered for.

Our Disposable Face Mask has several General Advantages:

The general mask layout has 3 layers of filtration, the material has no odor, its created with anti-allergic materials, comes in sanitary packaging, along with good breathability.

The uses are evident –

Help stop the spread to COVID-19

The Disposable Medical Face Mask effectively prevents inhalation of local dust, pollen, and germs that may be present in the air.

The mask has a three-layer folding construction

Constructed with a 3D breathing space that fits most faces.

The mask has a health certificate: which is CE; ISO; FSC – Free sales certificate – MHRA,SGS,these mask’s are sold all over the world.

* The mask has a Nonwoven outer layer:Good to filter large particles

*It has an Electrostatic adsorption cloth:Perfect to filter tiny particles and bacteria

*With Skin-friendly nonwoven inner layer:Soft,And anti-allergic

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High Grade Mask Nose Clip For Fitting

Super well constructed nose clip

* Hidden nose clip: can follow facial contour adjustment, fit the face

Mask Construction

Technical mask construction specs

A Non-woven fabric mask 54%, Filter melt blown fabric 21%,Nose clip 9%,Mask belt 16%.

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Mask Size


The size of the face mask is 175x95mm

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